One of the reasons that the world is in trouble; one of the reasons that black people are in the worst conditions is that there is not a black library.   There is not a library of black spiritual thought.  All of the stuff that’s going on out there, the answer Is not in demonstration.   The answer is not in picketing.  You may have to do those things but that does not reverse, resolve anything.  Forty six years since Dr. Martin Luther King died and racism is still fully entrenched in all forms of political, economical and cultural systems.  Why?  Because people, black and white are still human beings, still making the same mistakes that make them do the wrong things. 

The world will not change unless the Ausar consciousness – the divine consciousness in man is put in place.  This divine consciousness does not come about by just people saying  “I am Divine,” or “I am spiritual,”  “we be divine being.”  That’s not enough to change anything.  You have got to get down into the presentations.  You have to have black books by people with consciousness.  Those are you.  The only people right now who are equipped to put the truth in books.  So this conference, may sure you come to it because there is at least one good book in each and every one of you.   It might be a novel, a short story, a book of poems, a how to book, it might be commentary book, it might be a book that raises the questions that keep people from sleep because they cant solve the puzzle. 

There is a good book in each and every one of you. Come and bring some people with you to this black authors conference because it is one of a first of a on going conference to get back people with consciousness writing.  So come and learn. 

There is a difference between writers and authors.  Authors are people who have something to say.  If you have something to say and you are not a writer, you can partner with a writer.  Many people can write but have nothing to say.  You have to learn what publishing and authoring is about.  Because some of you are like I can’t write but you have something to say.  So you can partner with a writer.  Most of the books out there are written by ghost writers.  The author didn’t write it.  They partner with a ghost writer and the publishing company etc.  We want you to come and learn.  Today with the internet you don’t have to have a whole bunch of money to put your stuff out there.

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