Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen I is a world renown, best selling author, lecturer, spiritual teacher, health practitioner and counsellor. He is the Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King of Kings) and Ashem Ur Ashemu (Chief Priest) of the Ausar Auset Society International (AASI)

which he founded in Harlem, USA more than 37 years ago. 

In those 37 years the society has grown to an international community with branches in more than 30 cities in the USA, three cities in the UK, chapters in Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Bermuda and Trinidad and Tobago. There are also many, many individual followers, participants and well wishers from practically all over the world. 

As Chief Priest, spiritual teacher and counsellor of this international community, he has been extremely successful in guiding it's members towards the accomplishment of living, healthy successful lives in a truly holistic sense. Based on the ancient Kamitic spiritual teachings, he provides incomparable knowledge and guidance on the proper development of the spirit, mind and body. 

Thought not a medical doctor himself, he has trained quite a few medical doctors in the proper practice of homeopathy. And he has been an indispensable resource for many doctors and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Over the 37 plus years of the AASI he has implemented several dietary practices to help members of the community improve their health, well being and to successfully mitigate and, in some instances, eliminate common illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. 

In his unrelenting efforts to promote good health in the black community and beyond, he   authored the ground breaking, most comprehensive guide to self-help homeopathy, Healing the Errors of Living. He went on to translate the ancient chinese Five Organ System of healing into easy-to-understand layman terms so that individuals can, at least, converse intelligently with their health practitioner or, at best, identify the cause of their afflictions from a TCM perspective. 

In combination with the Five Organ system, he put together a series of Qi Gong exercises to help with balancing one's life force and wrote the books Tree of Life Qi Gong and Qi Gong Healing Prescriptions as guides to the proper practice and implementation. 

Because of his insight and vast experience as a spiritual teacher, Dr Amen is fully aware that healing can be initiated from within, so to provide guidance on how to develop one's inner power to heal he wrote another pioneering book, Healing is in the Spirit

The successful results of Dr Amen's wisdom and teachings are manifested in the health, strength and longevity of, not only AASI community members, but all individuals who have had the opportunity to access and implement his life-changing instructions.

Workshop: Developing Memorable characters

Make sure you have the handout that was passed out. It’s a map mind, the information on this map mind is not in numerical order, it’s all over the place because that's the way you know a story comes to you, all over the place. One of the most important assets of a writer is to walk around with a notebook and a penor a little digital recorder, or both to keep track of your ideas, right !So before I begin, how we feeling folks? Okay, getting a lot today?

These wonderful presenters, I mean it is phenomenal all that technical information from the first presenter that deep inspiration to find, to stir up the pot within you. There is a saying that there is at least one good book in every person. You see that!  Nana Camille Yarbough told us exactly where to go, “look into your spirit”.  So this workshop is about how to write a story with memorable characters.  Meaning a story that will stick in people’s mind, you see that.  I’d first like to begin with certain basic principles.  Many of us, I have seen many people begin to write novels, short stories, based on their life experience, which is good.  But the first thing you have to realize is that life experiences do not follow the conventional stories.  Say, if I have a life experience and I just narrate that life experience, in most cases it will make for a very boring story.  Stories, meaning novels, short stories, plays and by the way I wrote Heru the Resurrection about some four to five years ago, but my first venture into drama was back in the 70’s when I wrote a play that had nine a show run on of Broadway called the Oracle of Mercy, and I was very well received.  It was done at the Saint Clement St Theatre.  So I’m not new to fiction.  I’d like to share with you some of the things that go into a story.  This is not everything, this is just simple an overview of the essential things that will make your story memorable, remembered.  The first thing is that all ways write about a subject matter that you know well.  If you find that you have to do research, if you’re at the stage where you have to do research on writing a story, you are probably several years away from writing that story, novel, that play or whatever.  Are you with me?  So that’s the first rule, write about what you have experienced and lived with and know very very well.  So because a story is a very artificial vehicle, it’s an artificial vehicle and a good writer will make it look very natural.  That’s one of the essences of the craft you see that, Okay.  Everything that makes a story memorable and good can be taught. That’s the second things that you have to know because that will give you confidence.  If you go through the right tutorial experience, then you would be able to write a good story.  Let us begin with the beginning of story writing, in other words when you do your historical research you will find that the first stories where written in ancient Egypt.  Egypt handed the Greeks and the world the convention for novel, for plays, for sonnets and poems and things of that nature, and you have to go back to the understanding.   So in this little map where it says story writing in the center. If you come down to the bottom left, there is something that says psychology of a story, you see that right, and I speak about create tension in the audience, heighten the tension in the audience, bring tension to a climax, bring audience back to rest.  So those are the four elements in a story and when the Egyptians created this here, you know, they had a specific intention for writing a story and that intention was to change the way of thinking in the person.  You see that, the way to change the person’s way of feeling about things, to change their outlook and to make them change their actions, you see that. When you want to write a memorable story not a story that people will forgot and dismiss, you know it’s just a story with all the gimmicks and all the graphics, guys flying out of plains and that kind of stuff and superman flying and batman flying. No, story that really grips you, that speaks to your soul and changes your way of thinking, your outlook on life… for more information see the Conference Preceedings