Christopher R. Obie was raised on a farm in northern North Carolina where he developed an enduring love for the outdoors. Though formally trained as a Computer Scientist, Christopher has written several freelance articles for various causes.

His debut novel, "Dumisai And The Covenant Of The Ancestors", was the culmination of a desire to share spiritually relevant life-lessons with the need to provide entertaining, educational and culturally relevant stories to his four children. Christopher now lives in Orlando, Florida but can be followed on Twitter at @AncestralLight. 

Guest on the following:

            Afro-Man Kids Space Radio

            HBCU kidz Black Parent Connect

Genesis Science Fiction Radio w/ William Hayashi

Harambee Radio – Men Think w/ Taki Raton. 


            Local Author’s Festival, 2011 – Orlando Public Library, Orlando, Florida. 


            Black Science Fiction Society (

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