Gregory "Brother G" Walker is the CEO of African Legends Animation LTD, a new Bahamian based animation/film/multimedia studio co-owned by Jeffrey Poitier, nephew of the legendary Bahamian actor Sydney Poitier.

Author of the acclaimed "Shades of Memnon" book series, Brother G is also a journalist, African centered researcher and spoken word comedy poet. For the last 24 years Brother G has researched and written a series of historical adventure novels showcasing the legends, culture and spirituality of ancient African cultures: The African Legends Genre.
Recipient of the 2009 Octavia Butler Humanitarian Award at Book Expo America Best New Author of the Year Award at Chicago's Black Book Fair 2000.
Brother G's work:
The "Shades of Memnon," three books in a planned 7 book series about the African hero of the Trojan War, are used in schools, rites of passage courses and youth programs nationwide. "Shades Of Memnon was licensed for movie production by the actor wesley Snipes.
"Nimrod The Hunter" book 1, published in 2011, is based on the world renowned Kushite king from the Old Testament. The book has been licensed by a New York based media company and is in pre-production for a 2016 wide theater release. Official announcements coming soon.
The new "Nefertari: Protectress of the Nile" book series will debut in May 2014 with "Princess Nefertari: Protectress of the Nile." The manuscript, based on the legendary 18th dynasty Egyptian Queen, has already generated interest from actors and film producers.
African Legends Animation is in pre production on "Mazu Mami Wata: Story of the Sea Children" the first epic animated historical fantasy adventure series set in the nation of the Bahamas.

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